I have limited space; can I still install a Paradise Outdoor Kitchen?

     Yes, with cabinets ranging in size from 12” up to 60”, most spaces can be accommodated.  Let our design specialists help layout your space!


What appliances can I use in my Paradise Outdoor Kitchen?

     Almost all brands of built-in outdoor appliances can be used – this is only limited by your available space and budget.


What brand of appliance do I have to use in my Paradise Outdoor Kitchen?

     You have the flexibility to choose your favorite brand(s) of outdoor appliances. However, the grill must be self-insulated or have an insulated liner available.  See manufacturer’s specifications.


Can I design a free-standing “island” or do my cabinets need to be installed against a wall?

     All Paradise Outdoor Kitchens® cabinets are designed to be used in either situation.  All cabinets are made with a finished back and finished sides.  There is no need to order (and pay for) separate finished backs or finished sides.


My patio surface is uneven.  Can I still install a Paradise Outdoor Kitchen?

     Yes, our leveling system is designed to allow for level cabinetry on an uneven surface. 


My yard was recently landscaped.  Will installing a Paradise Outdoor Kitchen require me to ‘tear-up’ my landscaping? 

     No.  Installation can be accomplished without the need for heavy equipment.  You do not need to pour footers or foundations.  Our cabinetry can be set in place on your existing patio.


What type of climate can a Paradise Outdoor Kitchen be used in?

     Paradise Outdoor Kitchens® can be installed in any climate found in the continental US.


What types of materials are used to construct Paradise Outdoor Kitchen?

     Everlast Polymer™ is used for the construction of the cabinet box, and drawer boxes.  Everlast Polymer™ is also used to make the cabinet doors & drawer fronts in the Everlast Polymer™ series.  It is a marine grade polymer which will not absorb moisture, rot, fade, splinter, peel or delaminate. It is also naturally termite and bug resistant. 

     Iroko, an outdoor hardwood similar to teak, is used to make the doors, drawer fronts & trim pieces in the Tuscan Teak™ Series.  Due to its’ availability and sustainability Iroko is Forest Certified.

     All hardware is also specifically chosen to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors.


What is the difference between the Everlast Polymer™ Series & Tuscan Teak™ Series?

     The cabinet fronts (doors & drawer fronts) are the only components that are changed from one series to the next.  Both series feature the same cabinet box constructed from Everlast Polymer™.  In the Everlast Polymer™ Series, we offer 5 door styles in 2 colors.  This makes for a virtually maintenance free cabinet at a more modest price point.

     In the Tuscan Teak™ Series, the doors & drawer fronts are made from solid wood.  While offering the unparalleled beauty of natural wood, the Tuscan Teak™ parts must have a protectant reapplied twice annually.  Additional trim pieces made from this same wood are also available. 


What color will my cabinet be?

     The Everlast Polymer™ is available in your choice of Black Coral or Ocean Sand.  In the Everlast Polymer™ series, the doors will be the same color as the cabinet box. 


I need help designing my outdoor kitchen.  Where can I get an outdoor kitchen designed for my space?

     Our design experts can help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen just for you.  Just call our office, answer a few questions, and we’ll get started. 


Can I install this myself, or do I need a professional?

     Paradise Outdoor Kitchens® were engineered for simple installation so that anyone with basic carpentry skills can install our cabinets.  A licensed professional will be required for running any gas, electric or water lines (check local codes).   You may also want a professional to install stone or concrete countertops.


Can I add-on to my Paradise Outdoor Kitchen at a later date?

     Yes. Because of the way we manufacture our cabinetry, your Paradise Outdoor Kitchen® can grow with you as your family and needs grow.


What kind of countertops must I use?

     You have the flexibility to use one of our 4 granite patterns or to supply your own countertop.  Soapstone is an excellent choice, as are many granite patterns.  Southern markets (where freezing is not a concern) may also use tile.


Do I have to buy my countertops from Paradise Outdoor Kitchens? 

     No.  We offer 4 patterns of granite but you can use a local source for countertops.


How do I clean and care for my Paradise Outdoor Kitchen?

     Everlast Polymer™ is virtually maintenance free.  It can be wiped down with a damp rag, with or without a mild dish detergent.  Harsh cleansers are not needed, nor are they recommended.  You can even ‘hose down’ your cabinetry. 

Tuscan Teak™, like any real wood, needs to be treated to protect the wood from the effects of the weather.  The Teak Protectant we apply must be reapplied to all wood parts a minimum of twice annually. 


Do I need to cover my Paradise Outdoor Kitchen or protect it from the elements?

           While it may not be necessary, it is recommended in harsh climates to protect your investment (particularly Tuscan Teak™). 


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